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The most common type of website we build is small 5-10 page websites that act as an online brochure with some functionality such as booking solution, blog, etc.

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Need a complex site with custom development or advanced integration? These sites usually have custom functionality not found in the standard WordPress CMS.

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How fast will I get my website?

The most common type of website we build is small 5-10 page websites that act as an online brochure with some additional functionality such as photo gallery, custom forms, sliders, blogs, etc.

On average, most clients receive their small website within 2 weeks. In some cases, it may take longer depending on the complexity of the project. Every website is different so it is impossible to guarantee any turnaround time.

Please note that in order to finish your website faster and not to stretch out your subscription time, we design and develop the WordPress website at the same time. We can also start with wire-framing and visual design, however, this approach increases the turnaround in general.

How many changes can I request?
There is no limit. Unlimited pages and revisions are included until your website is absolutely perfect. On average each request or revision we take 1 business day.
Do you provide maintenance for the websites you develop?
We provide free support for a 60-day period for bug fixes and errors after the launch.
Which WordPress builders do you work with?
We use the Divi page builder, the most ultimate visual page builder that takes WordPress to a whole new level. Developing a website solution from scratch takes a large amount of time and since we work with Divi every day, we know all in’s and out’s.
Do you create the content as well?
No, we don’t create website content. However, when you work with us, we will give you content feedback, suggest an effective content structure.
Does this include custom development?
Complex websites with custom development or advanced integration take more time on planning structure and functionality are not included in the subscriptions. These websites usually have custom functionality not found in the standard WordPress CMS. All work is done in the Divi visual builder.
How about tweaks on existing websites?
Tweaks on an existing website or if a third party is working on the website simultaneously are incredibly unpredictable as one minor revision on a page may bring issues on other pages. We prefer building websites from scratch.
Is it truly unlimited design?
Yes! You can submit an unlimited number of requests to your WordPress queue at anytime, and we will work through them until your website is absolutely perfect. Please be aware that on average each revision we take 1-2 business days.
How long have you been providing white label services?
White label web design is one of our primary business model. We have been providing white label services for the last 8 years.
Will you process requests at the weekend?
Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (UTC-08:00). We are human and need time to rest our hands and brains ready to create great work during the week, so any requests received during the weekend will be processed and responded on Monday (unless it’s a national holiday).
Do you sign NDAs?
Yes. We are happy to sign an NDA. We are completely invisible to your clients and we leave no trace in the website.
Is there a minimum time commitment?
No, the subscription is on per month basis. You can cancel at any time. Please be aware if you cancel the subscription on the active project any requests are charged $75/hr.
What payment methods do you accept?
Currently, we accept bank transfers, PayPal and payments with credit/debit cards.
How do I cancel my account?
Just contact us, and we will cancel your account.

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